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Are you looking for Nimbin rentals? Want to rent a home or rural property in Nimbin or the surrounding area? Nimbin Hills Real Estate can help you to find a property that suits your needs. People tend to love living in Nimbin. Properties don’t come up all that often, however with our large network of local people that we know, we will hear about rental opportunities first.

Nimbin is a small village, but it has a large area around it with many rural properties and Multiple Occupancy communities so rentals do come up. Also if you are looking to buy real estate in Nimbin, or sell a home in Nimbin, come and see us for advice. Alternatively go to our buying tips or selling tips pages and read the information there. Our team of real estate sales people and our administrative and support staff will be only too happy to assist you with anything you need to know about relocating to our wonderful village in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

One thing that you should do before renting a house.  Go to our Renting Tips page and read over all the information there. Renters have certain responsibilities, as do landlords and it is a really good idea to get informed.